Xur Location 5/22/15

That is right my fellow gaurdians! The agent of the Nine is here with some goodies! Now for all who have the House of Wolves expansion should be able to find him in the reef chilling like a villain. I am especially excited to see him to get some new gear. You know to pass the lvl 32 mark and make my way up to the max lvl 34 grind!

The weapon this time around is one of my favorite Hand Cannons. The Last Word. It is a very powerful Handgun and easily one of the most used guns in the crucible. Although I still got love for my Thorn. I LOVE THAT GUN. Since I switched up my Titan gear for Hand Cannons….. Thing is nasty! So anyway grab your strange coins and head on over to the reef. Just go by the Well Light door as it opens he is to the right.


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