Xur Location 2/20 – 2/22

So Yeah Xur the local dope dealer for Destiny is back with nothing good. Literally selling garbage this time around. You can find him downstairs by the Vanguard to the left as you walk down the stairs next to the Crucible Master.

Here’s what’s on offer this week…

Crest of Alpha Lupi (Titan/Hunter Chest Armor)

Radiant Dance Machines (Hunter Leg Armor)

Voidfang Vestments (Warlock Chest Armor)

No Land Beyond (Sniper Rifle)

Exotic Shard

And…he has HEAVY AMMO!

Seriously….No Land Beyond Sniper Rifle. OMG really. Wha happen Xur you run out of the good stuff…. Dread. Mehson is best you just buy the heavy ammo. Can’t go wrong with that. Definitely can use that in the raid. Sigh losing my crack high right about now. Xur you need to find a new supplier. “The Nine” ain’t doing you good at all. Gonna lose some customers.


So Right now the Iron Banner Event is live so all you LVL 30’s to 32’s put on that epic armor set. Time to run it red! I know I will. I scooping that Scout Rifle they got selling. Till the next weekend stay frosty!


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