Valentines Day Edition

Hi everyone

I’m giving you a double whammy today. Its February, not only is this month is known as Black History Month but in the cosplay community, it’s also 28days of Black Cosplay. This year, February has 29 days, therefore, it’s 29 days of black cosplay where the world sees the diversity of people who enjoys everything geek. Yes, there’s still many that criticize black cosplayers for not looking exactly like the original anime character, but I love seeing the diversity and creativity people of colour gives the characters they are portraying.

In addition to this, it’s also Valentine ’s Day and I would like to wish everyone a very special Happy Valentine’s Day. Today’s cosplay is brought to you by Yuno Gasai from Future Diaries. When I got the opportunity to finally do this cosplay, I thought it would be most fitting to release it on Valentine ’s Day to showcase my obsessed love for you all.

Hope you like it!

Shout out to the photographer and editor @itsyaboiblake for always taking the time out to shooting my last-minute ideas and getting everyone day on time.

What do you guys this about our Future Diaries cosplay- valentine’s edition?

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