Snyder Cut Justice League Review

Totally Different Movie


The Snyder Cut is what we the fans wanted in the first place. This movie is a love letter to all the fans that love the DC universe.

From the beginning of the film, I knew this was it. This was what we the fans been waiting for since we heard there was “The Snyder Cut”. Four hours of pure fan service bliss. So much content that made me wonder how could Joss messed it up so bad? Let’s talk about what was originally in the movie that made it so long.


We finally get some screen time with Cyborg. The way Snyder incorporated the mother boxes is exactly how we the fans know it to be. How can you have a Dark Seid arch and not involve Cyborg? We even got a mini origin story with him. I really appreciate how they tied everything back to him. Understanding his relationship with his mom which was his anchor. The love-hate relationship with his dad. Being a father myself I can relate. Also, the extra fight scenes that showed off his awesome hacking prowess.

(image of him stacking money up) This man can literally destroy the world if he wants to. I never really thought about it but in this all digital world that we live in he is basically god… Just saying. All in all the time building up his character was much needed. Made the pacing of the film much better and to be honest just made more sense.

The Flash

Ezra Miller finally got his moment also! They literally cut a whole scene where he saves his love interest Iris. Which again is fan service. I can even see a solo movie for The Flash-based on that scene alone. Now I don’t want to make it seem that this version of the Flash isn’t my favorite but why does he run like he throwing his hands in front of himself. Looks stupid. They need to fix that in his next movie. Have him run like….normal. That would be great. Yet his addition to the team was much needed. The Flash can go back in time and cause problems. also, it is a major plot to the story for Batman and his alternate timeline where Superman goes all Injustice. Talking about an Alternate timeline…

Injustice League Scene

Now we all can’t forget that scene with the Joker. OMG! Talk about DARK! Just that scene alone gave me goosebumps. Let’s unpack it, shall we? So we have Batman talking to his arch-nemesis the Joker which was played by Jared Leto… HE REDEEMED HIMSELF, FOLKS! Now, this all took place in what we can assume was a dream. Basically, this was just a setup for things to come in an alternate timeline. The scene made mention of Harley Quinn and Robin… Most likely Jason Todd. In one deleted scene which is the all grey version the Joker even asked “who screamed the loudest the girl or the boy?” Woah! Even Batman dropping “F” bombs and ting!


There is so much here to talk about. Martian Man Hunter cameo, Extra footage of fight scenes, interesting dialog between characters and cool slow motion scenes of the Flash running. This is a must see for any fan of the DC Movie Universe. I know that the DCMU is hot trash which can’t hold a candle to the animated movies but this is a start. I can see how the Marvel Universe made AT&T pressure Warner Bros. to make it more of a bubble gum film to appease the masses. Sadly they butchered the Snyder cut and gave us that hot mess. Although it is 4 hours log it is worth it. The way the movie is done is in chapters. So for each chapter take a break. Trust me you will thank me later.


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