Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 8 Review

  • Nice Fluff Episode


Was this episode necessary. No but it was needed. Jack got his groove back!

It was bound to happen. Samurai Jack got his swag back. Ashi in her innocence of the opposite sex can’t help but be attracted to his new clean swag. All through this episode we got some subtle hints that Jack was hit with cupid’s arrow. He no longer saw Ashi as that killer assassin hell bent on killing him. Now she is his companion who killed(?) her own mother protecting him. Now both of them are on the journey to defeat Aku. With two more episodes left I don’t see why we don’t get to see Jack get the girl.

You would of thought all those years Jack been walking around that he would of picked up a few skills with the ladies. I guess he ain’t got no time for the ladies. Well he getting a crash course and nature is helping them along the way. Sadly we know that this is Samurai Jack and he has enemies waiting in line to kill him.

This unspoken love seem a bit strange watching if you ask me. This is the side of Jack we rarely get to see. The tone of the music sets the mood especially when they barely touch each other. Jack is sweating. Ashi is confused about Jack sudden apologetic demeanor. Who can blame her. She was raised to hate and kill. Just like Jack Ashi ain’t had no time to worry about boyfriends and love.

Besides the awkward moments between Jack and Ashi the episode reminded us the reason why they don’t have time for such pleasures called love. Finding shelter from a sand storm they stumbled right into trouble. The shelter is a prison ship. An inmate known as Lazarus made out of poisonous slugs ain’t about to let them leave just yet.

Just when you think that Ashi couldn’t make it any tougher for Jack she went and got her bush cloths eaten. The look on Jack face was priceless. HE WASN’T READY LOL. Ashi don’t know why Jack is acting strange but nature has a way of teaching you.

Just like that folks Jack and Ashi ain’t waste no time. It is only so much foreplay a man can take before he burst. This episode was all about love and sexual tension. I know most fans don’t want to see jack hooking up with Ashi but I am glad that Jack found love. That all what he has been going through and fighting for he getting a little R&R from his never ending crusade against Aku.


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