Samurai Jack Episode #3 Review

In this episode there will be blood and lots of it. Here we see a Jack dealing with the trauma of killing of a human. He spends most of his time contemplating about what he did. For the first time we see a Samurai Jack cartoon with blood and death.

Usually we see him dispatching robots with ease. Now he all depressed for killing one of the assassins. While he was in the cave talking to himself he struggles with a repressed memory of his childhood.

At that moment he then realized that he must come to terms with the decision of his destiny. The path of a Samurai isn’t rainbows and flowers. There will come a time where running is not a choice. Where you must stand your ground and face death head on. Would have been cool to see Jack shout while kicking one the Assassins…THIS IS SPARTA! One can dream…

These two blood soaked warriors find solace in a cave where they lick their wounds. It was an interesting moment to see how both the wolf and Jack seem to be equal. They both was injured in battle. Although the wolf natural instinct wasn’t to feel sad for killing but to keep on living.

Hot on his trail these assassins don’t let up at all. They want to see Jack dead. While hunting Jack there was a moment when these assassin girls who never seen animals or anything that resembles love. Which drove the point home that these girls know one thing. Kill Samurai Jack!

This episode is everything that I ever wanted to see in a more mature Samurai Jack. This episode cements Jacks resolve. He made his decision. He will defend himself. Another great episode!


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