New Members in the Works


It is with great honor that we the HTKU accept this brave soldier to the ranks. He is a noob in FPS. Just a little background he is a the Street Fighter Champ right now for the BVI. Wanting more he set his sights in the FPS arena. Of course what better way to get broken in but by one of the best clans in the BVI. He is not alone. I received a call from another fighter who also holds the title as the Mortal Kombat 9 champion. I am talking about none other then Jerms.


Will they be able to stand. Will they be able to carry the HTKU tag. Will they accomplish more and even surpass man like Nia_Bingie or even Blake. Who knows but we will help them in their quest to becoming more than noobs. So if you see me playing MW3 don’t fret. Just helping out a fellow Carib Gamer. So until next time stay frosty and will have their report card ready. Class is in session!


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