NES Classic Broke Amazon!

Now this is just messed up! I know man was waiting for this to be available from day one.¬†Amazon done gone and choked. Seriously….

How can you not be ready for this Amazon. I mean seriously….


I am not sure if ¬†Amazon thought that this wouldn’t be an item of interest. Shame on them for not taking proper action for the love of retro gaming. Now to be honest this NES Classic is more of a collectors item for me. Retro gaming holds a special place in my heart. The days when DLC wasn’t in the form of micro transactions. These were the days when reaching the last boss without using any cheat codes or Game Genie was a badge of honor. You can tell classic games are making a come back when Call of Duty pimp us out with a remastered of the classic grandfather of shooters. You know we will be doing an unboxing once Amazon would allow us to order one…. Whenever that is….


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