Naruto Unleash the Beast Shippuuden 418 Review



Tears nearly come to my eyes. This episode could mean the end to one of my most favorite character. Guy gonna unleash the beast. As you know this episode picks up where Guy saved Kakashi. Looking at the match up it doesn’t seem fair. We have Guy who is real tired. Beaten up and could of barely hold up himself. Then we have Madara who is fresh and ready to do damage.

I wonder who could this be...hmmmm
I wonder who could this be…hmmmm

At this moment we have a nasty figure by Sasuke. This here had me like whoa.


Guess who. Kabuto. This man was there healing him. That is right. He got out of the izanami. Talk about a twist. So the gang is all back together. Which wasn’t something I thought I would of seen. Although who else would be able to save Sasuke in a time like this. Make sense. Kabuto had lots of time to check himself and decided to be a good guy now. Itachi even in death he still the realest ninja in the hidden leaf.

After going beast mode nearly get touch by the Black Sphere of death lol... Rock Lee to the rescue!!
After going beast mode nearly get touch by the Black Sphere of death lol… Rock Lee to the rescue!!

Back to the matter at hand. Guy went in beast mode blue. Was holding it down but still couldn’t sort out Madara. Shoot Madara even laughed and was he bringing the blue beast mode for me. He ain’t in nothing. That is when they start showing the flash backs for Guy. To when he was young with his father. Usually I don’t think anything of these flashbacks but that usually means someone bout to die. We all know once he go red…… He going all out. Literally till he die. That is when Kakashi eye opened up wide. Cause he know what that means.

Kakashi one eye open like Whoa.....
Kakashi one eye open like Whoa…..

So we may see the last of Guy…which I doubt because I know he to much of a bad man to die now… I hope.

Guy father Dai
Guy father Dai


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