Naruto Final Shippuuden #500 Review

What a ride. Final episode. The final Adventure. The Manga is finished. Now the Anime is finished. The time with Naruto was just epic. From his fight to fit in. To being taken seriously. From his first epic battle at the Exams. His battle with Pain. To overcoming hate within. Embracing his insecurities. Never giving up on his friends. Doing what only he can do. Naruto is an icon. Naruto will forever be acknowledge as an anime that changed or shaped a culture and a generation.

So in the final episode Naruto is getting married to Hinata. Yes we all knew this from Naruto The Last Movie. Yet seeing the episodes gearing up to it was well deserved. So much feels. Everyone is hooking up. Life long friends seeing each other in a different light. Sakura still stupid for Sasuke. That will never change. We see Naruto talking to Iruka Sensei. That part melted me…

Makes you think back on earlier episodes when Sakura was the girl everyone thought would be for him but episode 166…. THAT EPISODE RIGHT THERE!!! THE FEEEEEELLSSSS

Right then is when Naruto knew this was the girl for him. He had to make sure wife that UP asap.There was many other times when we saw the love growing but didn’t take notice but that episode she declared her love for Naruto. I won’t lie….. From time I saw episode 311 I was Team Hinata allllllll the way!

Naruto forever will be that anime that inspired me to write reviews and watch all sorts of anime. To be honest it was the first anime besides Dragon Ball Z that made me eager to see the next episode. I was memorized by the humor and characters. Watching everyone grow and learning new techniques was half of the fun. My favorite supporting character will always be Rock Lee. His fight against Gaara in the Chunin Exams was hands down EPIC.

With Boroto on the horizon we will be seeing more of Naruto somewhat through his son and maybe it won’t have a chalk full of fluff episodes to chase us away once a month. Yeah those month long hiatus was just murder. To all the fans and followers who kept up with my reviews thank you for your support. Don’t forget to keep it locked to for all your anime, comic, movie, games and tech reviews. Stay Frosty!


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