Meet the 13th Doctor Who

Well this is it! After many years of a male Doctor they are introducing to us Jodie Whittaker. A FEMALE DOCTOR! We knew this day was coming. Here is the reveal trailer.


Jodie Whittaker is best known for her work in the BBC drama Broadchurch. As an avid fan of Doctor Who this news come to me with no surprise. Ratings for the show did took a dip and bringing a female Doctor can and will shake things up.


This is crazy! I knew they was throwing the idea around but wow! Who will be her companion? How will this affect the Whouniverse? Will she be smart or witty? Will they make her like River Song? Spoilers? I am both excited and cautious. With Moffat no longer at the helm can we expect something fresh and new? So much questions but will have to wait for the Christmas episode to know more and see how this new doctor will be for us.


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