Marvel’s The Defenders Review *Spoiler Free*

  • Solid Episodes


Marvel’s Defenders are here with enough action to make this a worthy watch.

The moment we have been waiting for. Netflix joint venture with Marvel’s least liked characters in a real action series. We was captivated with Jessica Jones. Then electrified with the Daredevil. Then we literally broke the internet for Luke Cage. Sigh….then it was the lack luster crap fest of the Iron “Hand”. I refuse to gratify him with the name of Iron Fist. Such blasphemy won’t leave my lips.

This isn’t the bomb shell series I thought it would be but it was an enjoyable ride. There were moments that I may have nodded off. There were moments my eyes was glued to the screen.

Each character displayed their strength and place for the newly formed group. Now I will rank each character based upon my observation from awesome to lame. We have Daredevil. His fighting was just bliss to watch. Being blind made him precise with his attacks. Luke Cage the bullet proof coffee having muscle of the group. Jessica Jones is that loose cannon that you can’t predict. Her detective skills are top notch. Her mouth still needs Jesus. Then we have the Iron “Hand”. This rich, can’t fight, emotional bastard literally KNOWS NOTHING. For a guy who was trained by monks displays childish ideas and no sense of control. Yeah he knows Kung Fu. Oh also his ONE HAND GLOWS.

Like a web everyones story crosses path. Starting with the least loved character Iron “Hand” chases a lead to the Hand. Then a mysterious character interrupts his chase and killing his only lead. On his last breath he tells him his fight isn’t there but in New York. Fast forward we see Luke Cage leaving prison. His lawyer which is Froggy From Hell’s Kitchen greets him. Luke ain’t got time for that. He got Harlem to tend to. Of course Luke needed to have some “Coffee” first. Luke then finds out the youth of Harlem are being used by a mysterious group. Then Jessica Jones picks up a case that sends her down a rabbit hole full of ninjas. Oh did I mention she hates kung fu. She to realize that this group been around for many years. Then Matt who is a pro bono lawyer with more pent up fight issues than a dog in heat locked up in a cage. This man retired as the Daredevil. Since his love Elektra was killed in his arms he decided to stop crime fighting. Although he retired he still had the itch. Well lucky for us he got that itch scratched.

The Defenders isn’t any good without the villain. Alexandra played by Sigourni Weaver was what the doctor ordered. Now don’t bother googling her character in the marvel universe. She is a brand spanking new villain. A perfect fit for what they are up against. Her performance gave depth to what usually turns villains as one dimension. You know take over the world and blah blah. You get the sense that she isn’t one to trample with.

The Defenders was a solid 8 episodes. I will admit there was some dull moments. Those fade away with a sprinkled amount of action to get the blood pumping. What I am definitely excited to see is the Punisher series. So if you are bored this weekend and have already saw the leaked copy of Game of Thrones then this is a definitely binge worthy episodes to watch.


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