Marvel’s Legion FX Series Review

  • Worth Watching


It is like a taking ride on a roller coaster. The pace of the show only picks up half way but the wait is worth it.

Have you ever managed to invent a memory? Something that you are sure happened but it turns out to be just a dream, or a trick of the mind. Soon the doubt follows; the structure of your own perception suddenly feels unstable.

That is Legion. Basically everything can be questioned. Just to let you know there will be some spoilers within this review….

We start with his origin. Literally. A montage of David’s life so far set to The Who’s Happy Jack, from a reasonably pleasant childhood that took a turn as his issues surfaced, to his suicide attempt with a noose made from electrical cable. So far, no sign of his famous father. If you don’t know he is the son of the famous Professor Xavier. Founder and leader of the X-Men. I doubt he will make any cameo but it would be cool to see.

Here, his mental state is used as a framework for storytelling. As he dips in and out of his own consciousness, we move with him, never quite sure what’s real and what’s not. We do get to see in his eyes what each personality is capable of. One that is shown here seem to be the telekinesis.

Things picked up once we see the sinister government who is capturing muntants. Remind you of something. Well if you say yes then this is reminiscent of the X-Men series. Where humans are afraid of muntants and will kill them or use them to capture more muntants. We got a good mouthful of what this series is capable of. Once again we have another Marvel character that isn’t as popular made buzz worthy.

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