Logan Movie Review



This is the Logan we all wanted to see. Send the kids to bed. This movie is for the adults. A Must watch for any Wolverine fan.

The Last run for Logan is a Masterpiece. Yes, everything you’ve heard is true. That rage-filled, drunk, foul-mouthed Logan who never got to fully surface in the previous X-Men movies is finally joining his buddy Deadpool in the world of grown-up cinema. And it’s the perfect way for him to end his run.

This isn’t Old Man Logan from the comics but we finally see a movie do him justice. This will be the ninth time Hugh Jackman acted as Wolverine. Each time you always felt that he could have done more with the character. He never really fitted in with the rest of the X-Men. Compared to Logan they were like kids. Actually they were all kids compared to him.

Logan lives in Mexico, driving a limo to make money while taking care of an ailing, seizure-prone Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart).  He’d happily stay off the grid forever (he’s saving up for a boat), but soon a young girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) shows up wielding some very familiar-looking adamantium claws. She is also known as X-23. Logan’s genetically made daughter. She basically didn’t speak a word for near half the movie.

The theme of this movie is family. With the occasional F* bomb and topless women you would think a theme about the importance of family would be more….PG lol. I am glad they took the down to earth realistic approach. This movie will invoke different emotions. I definitely had the feels coming to the end. Thank you Hugh Jackman for your years of playing Wolverine. Thank you for giving the performance we all deserved from Logan.



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