Life after Irma

Hey fellow gamers this is Carib Nerd reporting in after what I must say been the most difficult time for the Carib Gamer team. As you know we were in Canada for the Fan Expo 2017. Enjoying every bit of it. Then a tropical storm named Irma was brewing. It became a Category 5 hurricane.

While traveling back to the British Virgin Islands the Carib Gamer team got stuck in Puerto Rico. On Wednesday September 6th hurricane Irma unleashed its fury upon the USVI and BVI. Other islands hit by Irma was Antigua, Barbuda, Saint Martin, Saint Barthelemy, Anguilla, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Turks and Caicos. Irma passed North of Puerto Rico where we stayed during the hurricane.

The BVI was hit hard. Real hard. My home lost part of the roof. All of the windows were destroyed including the screen door that allowed Irma in to destroy everything inside my home and outside.

The devastation was not racist. It wasn’t targeting rich or poor. Irma went through the BVI like we owed it money.

The thing about such devastation is that it humbles you to a level that can only be described as being reset to factory default. As I went through my things the reality started to sink in. All my things, memories and luxuries was all put in garbage bags.

Material things aside everyone is safe. Families went through a difficult hurricane but no harm. Which leads me to the slogan we carry now. We are VI Strong. Irma may took away our home. But it did not take away our nations pride.

We have been receiving aid from Her Majesty Navy and other sister islands. I want to send a huge shout out to my day one friends in the states John and Jerry. They texted me asking if I was alright and even sent me aid. For that I am forever grateful.

Irma left our nation beaten and devastated. Yet slowly we are getting our nation back to its former glory. I know we was out for a while but we are steady rebuilding what we lost. Carib Gamer will be posting our reviews and even maybe Lunchbox and I may continue our Top Comics To Read once again. Once Blake gather himself we should be posting the trip of Canada Fan Expo. Mermaid, Joye Styk, Lunchbox, Blake and myself Carib Nerd appreciate all of the well wishes and patience with us in our time of disaster. Thank you all and keep it locked for more info to our rebuilding efforts. Also check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. We bout to come back stronger than ever! Stay Frosty!




CEO of Carib Gamer. Avid Gamer and Journalist. Father and Husband. Strong family ties and loves FPS and RPG games. Proud member of the HTKU clan.

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