Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer

OMG the nerdgasms is on ALL CYLINDERS! If you are new to this series I suggest you click on over to Netflix and watch Kingsman: The Secret Service. It is an interesting take on the spy series. If you know who James Bond is then this will be right up there. Just a more edgy and adult version with a much younger spy. For those who watched the first one so much here to talk about! First lets talk about the elephant in the room.


In the last movie Kingsman: The Secret Service we see his demise by Valentine played by Samuel L. Jackson with a bullet to the face. As you can see here with the eye patch that the bullet clearly didn’t kill him. Then they dropped another bombshell!

Halle freaking Berry

Say what you want about her but I just love her! From the first time I saw her get it on with Billy Bob Thorthon in Monster’s Ball I knew she was the one. Then she was a bond girl in Die Another Day


So I am excited to see her part in this highly anticipated sequel. In this trailer we see plenty of action sequences that only cement that this will be epic! I just loved the song by Frank Sinatra “My Way”. Really sets the tone that this isn’t your regular spy movie. All gloves are off. Time to do it Eggsy way. I am already aboard the hype train. The release date needs to be this year so I can see more of Eggsy kicking butt in style!


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