Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Review

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Time for reflection and assessments. This episode is building us up to the final battle!

Hi World …it’s your girl, BVI Mermaid with another Game of Thrones review.  In last week’s episode we saw the visual epic battle between the Lannister’s army against Daenerys army, which was made up Dothraki soldiers, and the mighty Drogon. The Dothraki took down the army as if it was a game to them. Robert Baratheon, at the time once said, “only a fool would do up against Dothraki soldiers in an open field.”  Well.. the fool was Jamie as he was nearly burned to a crisp by Drogon. In episode 5- Eastwatch, it began with Bronn pulling Jamie from the water, arguing with him about his life and to not throw it away. Jamie on the other hand was petrified about his near death encounter and realized the amount of damage that was done with only ONE dragon, imagine if all three were released? He realized the damage that could be inflected and came to the terms that it’s a battle they would not be able to win. Therefore, he magically time travelled to Kingslanding to tell his beloved Cersei about what happened.

Blackwater Rush

Establishing her military superiority, Daenerys and the remaining Lannister army are gathered by the foot of a hill where at first she talked about wanting to break the wheel (as she once said in season 5) and  wanting to have a better world. This is the old Danny that we all remembered, loved and was eager of getting back, then she ended her speech about “bend the knee to me or die.” I honestly don’t know where she picked up this bend the knee nonsense but she need to send it in a package back to Essos as we miss the old Danny.  Not submitting to her, Randyll Tarly refused to bend the knee as he boldly declared Cersei as his queen. Due to that decision, Randyll was sentenced to die.  His son, Dickon who was not allowing his father to die alone acknowledged who he was, stating he too would not bend the knee (the fool, Dany didn’t even acknowledged his existence and he willingly wants to die for no reason). Tyrion tried his hardest to convince Daenerys to have mercy by not beheading every lord that goes up against her. He pledged with her to send them to the wall as they are good soldiers but she wasn’t about to listen to him. As she said, “I am not beheading them”.  The camera then focused on Drogon and we knew what was coming. The Tarly’s were placed in front of Drogon and with the command of dracarys the men were reduced to ash.  Ironically, her father also killed a father and son during his reign (Rickard and Brandon Stark) Is Danny inheriting the cruelty of her father? Enjoying burning people alive? Say it isn’t so.

Frightened by what occurred, the rest of the army quickly bend the knee to their new queen.  Tyrion on the other hand seem shaken by the path his queen has taken as well as Varys as they talked about the troubled past of the Targaryen reign over goblets of wine at Dragonstone. 


Down at Kingslanding, Jamie reported to Cersei about what occurred, the Dothraki fighting abilities, the dragon, not being able to win the war and about Olenna killing Joffrey.  Of course, she was pissed to hear the news that Olenna killed Joffrey and not Tyrion, but she was more upset that Jamie was the one who convinced her to give her poison to drink and not dying in agony for the crime she committed against her.  In regards to the war, Cersei doesn’t seemed fazed as she would go all out to try and win the war as she said, “We fight and die or we submit and die. I know my choice. A soldier should know his.” She later told Jamie that they were expecting a child and would announced that he was the father. 



Arriving at Dragonstone, it seems as if Drogon has a unique personality of his own. At Blackwater rush, we saw him roaring when the soldiers wasn’t bending the knee to his mommy and now he seemed to be curious about Jon. We rushes toward him like a pit dog. If I was Jon, I’d be scared but he stayed still wondering what’s happening. Drogon came up close and started sneering and sniffing towards him. He even started to show his large sharp teeth. (Jon you’re such a brave soul).  Then Jon took off his glove and started to pet Drogon snout. Danny watched on puzzled. I’ve never seen Drogon allowed anyone touched him. The only person that came near to the dragons and weren’t burned alive was Tyrion back at Meereen.  The dragon then looked at him, allowed Danny to come down then he flew away. As Danny and Jon were talking, she asked him what Ser Davos meant about taking a knife to the heart but Jon dismissed it. Through the mist of the conversation Jorah steps in and was warmly welcomed back.

After receiving news from Bran about the white walkers slowly marching on Eastwatch, Jon is ready to leave Dragonstone. Jon asked Daenerys if she was going to help him fight but she couldn’t risk the opportunity of Cersei taking over Westeros during her absence. Therefore, Jorah volunteered to accompany Jon. Tyrion devised a plan to convince Cersei that the army of the dead was real and shouldn’t be ignored. In addition, they needed to provide her with evidence. The evidence was to capture and bring a wight to Kingslanding. This plan is crazy and dangerous but somehow Tyrion thinks his sister will care about the army of the dead? I think not. I think Cersei will look at it as a gift presented to her as she devise a plan to crush all her enemies at once. Daenerys also allowed Ser Davos to smuggle Tyrion into Kingslanding to speak to Jamie. Luckily for him, he was able to escape Kingslanding alive after he broke the news to his brother.

Flea Bottom

After successfully sneaking Tyrion into Kingslanding, Ser Davos headed into Flea Bottom as he had his own personal business to attend to. It was there, we finally saw Gendry, hammering a sword in a blacksmith shop. The last time he was seen (season 3), he was rowing for his dear life. Seeing Davos again, Gendry was ready to leave and ready to join the fight. On his way out, he grabbed a massive hammer weapon and he used it effortlessly crushing the skulls of two Lannister soldiers before rowing back to Dragonstone with Tyrion and Davos.

Upon meeting Jon, Gendry revealed his true identity as Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, which was against Davos instructions.


In the Citadel, the Maesters received word from Brandon about the white walkers. Of course, the stories of the white walkers were passed down as a folktale to frightened children but the Maesters didn’t believe the story. Sam walked in overhearing the conversation pledging with the Maesters to send word out to every army about the white walkers.  They could if they wanted to but they eventually dismissed him as they believed it was a prank. Sam angrily went into his chambers where we saw Gilly reading one of the Achmaesters journals. In it, it revealed something interesting. I hope you all caught it too. In the last season, we learned who Jon’s mother was and we were hoping that he wasn’t Rhaegar’s bastard. In the journal it stated that Rhaegar annulled his marriage to Elia Martell and that he had a secret ceremony.  In season 4, Oberyn Martell was telling Tyrion that Rhaegar left his sister for another woman but we weren’t sure what he meant by it but now we know. Therefore, if Rhaegar and Lyanna got married, this was further proof that Jon is a Targaryen (additional fact of his lineage just in case allowing Drogon to touch him wasn’t enough proof or that there’s something special about Jon).  It was so frustrating that Sam easily brushed it off. We wanted Gilly to read more.  Anyways, Sam was still upset, so he grabbed books and scrolls and off he went. I’m guessing he’s going to Jon where he thinks he’s at Winterfell.


In the North, the Northerns and the Vale lords were upset that Jon hasn’t returned. It was surprising that we haven’t seen Lady Mormont since Arya returned to Winterfell. Bring her back! We love her!. Anyways, they spoke about wanting to replace Jon with Sansa and at the back of the room, Arya was watching Sansa closely and was angry that she wasn’t defending Jon.  Arya confronted her sister about it, claiming that she wanted to be queen but Sansa denied it (don’t lie Sansa, you know its what you and Little Finger want). I don’t know why it makes sense to her now, I am guessing since she had a taste of power and she likes it.

Meanwhile, Littlefinger is devising a plan to create chaos between the two sisters. No one in the right mind trusts Littlefinger, but Arya followed him around Winterfell. At his chambers, one of the lords presented him with a scroll that he requested. He entered into his room then later exited. Arya snuck into it and found a scroll hidden within his bed mattress.  Shocked by the content, Arya exited the room as we saw Littlefinger in the shadows with a smirk on his face.   Seem as if he’s up to no good again and succeeded in tricking Arya.


Leaving Dragonstone, Jon, Jorah, Davos and Gendry headed to Eastwatch and met up with Tormund. When Jon told him that he was going beyond the wall, he thought he was crazy, but also informed them that there were three other men who wanted to go beyond the wall. Lying in the cold cell were Brotherhood without Banners and the Hound. This is where Gendry reunited with them. He still hasn’t forgiven them for sending him off with Melisandre but Jon said that they were all on the same side, “because we’re all still breathing”.  Jon released them from their icy prison and off they went on a suicidal mission.

This episode took a step back from the epic battle and was detailed with information and huge reveals. It outlined news that fans wanted to know, wither Jon was a Rhaegar’s bastard or a legitimate heir, the location of Gendry and Gilly (was I the only one wondering where she was in a place full of old men?) Oh and we got to see little Sam.. so cute.. In addition we are seeing our once sweet loving Dany is slowly becoming more and more like father with each passing episode. The tension between the two sisters is forming and it’s a bit frustrating.  All the Stark children back together after all the rails and tribulations they endured but they are gradually going after each other’s throats.  Where is Brianne in all of this? She need to try to keep the peace. Seem like Littlefinger enjoys meddling with the lives of the Starks. Someone need to hurry up and take him out.

I am ready for next week’s episode. It looks like it’s going to be intense from the preview. Episode 6 will be longer, lasting a hour and 20 minutes and then the season finale.  What did you think of this week’s episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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