Dr.Who Christmas Special


It is that time once again. For all of the Whovians to come out and celebrate Christmas with another Dr. Who Christmas Special. This one will be epic. Why well if you know from the last episode Amy and Rory was killed by the weeping angels. A very epic episode. So we all know that coming to this episode the Dr. will not be a happy camper. Check out this trailer for the upcoming special today.

So as you know only Dr. Who can take something we all love and treasure and make it scary as hell. So as you can see they will be introducing a new companion and also from reading the blog on BBC one website a new look for the tardis. Epic stuff. Right now in great fashion on BBC One right they are doing their Dr. Who countdown and showing all the favorite Dr. Who Christmas Specials. Here is a little nugget I found on youtube. It is a prequel to the Christmas Special that is coming up.



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