Doctor Who ‘The Doctor Falls’ Episode 12 Review

  • A fitting End for the Doctor


A Standing Ovation for the 10th Season of Doctor Who. Peter Redeemed himself with a new companion and epic story telling from Steven Moffat.

There was a lot riding on ‘The Doctor Falls’ – it’s a climax not just to series 10 but also, in a way, to the Peter Capaldi era of Doctor Who as a whole, with writer Steven Moffat hinting at this episode as his last hoorah with Doctor Who.

With the previous episode with Bill Potts being turned into a Cyberman version 1.0 and two Masters it left little to the imagination that this is the end.

‘The Doctor Falls’ was an immensely satisfying, packed, heart string tugging conclusion that comes together brilliantly for two simple reasons: clever storytelling and tremendous acting.

Let’s start with the man himself, Peter Capaldi. His 12th Doctor has had some brilliant moments and some pretty cracking speeches during his tenure. But Capaldi simply shines in this episode. His Doctor has never had a better episode, filled with emotion and defiance. The Doctor’s “Where I stand is where I fall” scene with Missy and The Master was pitched beautifully and is award worthy.

Bill’s rather bleak existence as a Cyberman is thoroughly gut-wrenching. 
We, as the audience, needed to see her face and emotions just for a small bit of hope to run through the story.

With Mackie being so well received as the new companion, it’s great that her character didn’t meet a final end. The end was splendid. Out of all the episodes that showed the Doctor before his regeneration this one has got to be the most dramatic one of them all. He is resisting to change. Moffat is a genius. Then at the end we see the original Doctor. OMG! This Christmas special need to come like right now!


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