Doctor Who 10×2 Smile Review

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Overall, it’s an okay episode but it’s unlikely to go down as a must watch episode you’ll want to watch over and over.

In a world where emojis is the mode of communication and smiling robots can be both your savior and killer. Remember just smile!

If you haven’t watch this week’s episode, Smile, then read no further.

I was under the impression that this episode would be something similar to the weeping angels. You know don’t blink and you will die. With the same idea of being sad could get you killed. So paint me interested. As the episode carried on we only find out that the robots misunderstood what grief was. So that was a bust.

The saving grace for this episode was the Doctor and Bill’s remarkable connection. This is the best companion for the 12th Doctor. Bill doesn’t compete with the Doctor. She complements him. As both are only finding out about the Vardy the Doctor makes a rash decision to blow them all up. Only to find out that the last of the human race is sleeping in pods waiting to be awoken. Also that the Vardy have become self aware. Which makes them a new species….which I will try to ignore seeing how usually he think things through vs mass genocide.

I am amazed at the scenery. Really sets the mood for the emoji killer robots. Visually, this episode is stunning. The locations that double for the colony are absolutely beautiful, allowing for some impressive scenes.

So much potential for this episode. all come crashing down with a flick of the sonic screw driver reset. Basically they gave us the middle finger. All in all this wasn’t a bad episode. Not great but nothing here that would say memorable. Since this episode took us to the future the next one is taking us to the past. Till then stay frosty!!!


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