Destiny is Dead to ME

Destiny was the “IT” game. Destiny was that bad ting you could always depend on for a quick fix. Now Destiny is Dead to me. Once again Activision milk this cow so dry it need antibiotics to recover from the infestation of boredom. Here are my reasons why I stopped playing Destiny.

  1. Too Repetitive – I don’t mind shooting stuff but when I must wait for the dinkle bot to open the door, kill more stuff. Open another door kill more stuff. Jump on said platform, and then kill more stuff. You do that for 2 years and things start to get boring.
  2. Loot is worthless – My favorite gun in the game was the Thorn. The first time I got it nothing else mattered. Not even when I got the Hawkmoon I still wanted nothing else. Then Bungie nerfed it. Then they nerfed it again. And again. Until they made it worthless. Why? Oh because their sandbox data showed people using the gun. Sooooooo instead  of balancing the other guns they decided that nerfing the “meta” makes more sense.
  3. Weak Story – Grimore Cards Bungie? That was the worst idea ever made for storytelling. Not once did I ever go online to your website to look up one of those stupid cards. Would it have been hard to actually incorporate a video when you get each one? Lucky for bungie some Youtubers took all those cards and put a nice video stor together. It is sad that the community had to do most of the work for you Bungie. At first I was like maybe after the first DLC I will get some kind of closure. 3 DLC’s later still lost on the story.
Not even The Iron Banner can bring me back..

The mechanics behind destiny such as the Iron Banner made the appeal worthwhile. You grind to get good gear and then battle it out in an environment that truly tested your might. As of now I am not even motivated to play Destiny right now. Here is what’s going on with Destiny right now.


Destiny 2 will be releasing soon. Most likely we will be seeing the news and trailer at E3. If they don’t do it then they will most likely have their own stream to announce Destiny 2. Personally I loved Destiny. Just hate what it became.

For Destiny 2 to succeed they must find a way to keep us the gamers engaged. Stop assuming that a gun would be the new “meta” because a small group of gamers think it will be. Content Content Content. Stop throwing new skin on old enemies. Changing the colors of an enemy don’t make it different. Look at World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy. DON’T SHOW US ANY FOOTAGE THAT WON’T BE IN THE GAME DAY ONE. All the hype we had for Destiny was taken away from us and then spoon fed in weak DLC content. Raids that don’t need YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO COMPLETE. Also please stop with the micro transactions. We done spend so much money for the game and season pass. Oh and also release it in 2017. Thank You.



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