Death of Wolverine: The End


All good things must come to an end. Some say he will be back. Some say Marvel just doing this to rack up sales. Either way we have the death of one of the most iconic characters ever known. Wolverine is dead. How he died I will leave for you to see but he didn’t die like no punk. As I read the last of the 4 part series I almost can sense his return. Something tells me that he isn’t going down just yet. One of my closest friends “Grinch” who follows Marvel very closely seen his share of super heroes die and miraculously come back to life.

Well this isn’t the last of Wolverine. Am I sure about that. Well if Marvel like money they won’t kill their most popular cash cow off that easy. Although giving him some time dead won’t harm building other characters. So as Marvel shake things up with their staple heroes ( Thor comes to mind ) I will have a moment of silence for the one and only Logan.

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