Carib Gamer @ Fan Expo 2017

That’s right! Canada Carib Gamer is here! Fan Expo 2017 is in full swing! The atmosphere is charged with excitement. Before the festive events Carib Gamer did some sight seeing and food tasting.

Canada in my opinion is full of culture and pride. As we walked the streets you can see the different cultures merging in harmony with each other. For example we walked through the streets of Chinatown. Then further up the block we stumbled upon Greek town.

Graffiti on a wall near chinatown

Of course since the last time we came to Canada we went to a nice little ramen shop named Hokkaido Ramen Santouka which is the ONLY place I get my ramen from. The service is friendly and helpful. The food is hands down THE BEST RAMEN IN CANADA!


MMM Good!

Once we was fueled up the time came for us to get our cosplay gear ready for the first day of Con. We will have a section just for the photos we take during con. Will be available in the front of the website. Here is just but a taste of the action we had at the first day of con.

BviMermaid, Jessica Nigri and Joye Styk
Blake, Wendy and Carib Nerd

Will have a more detailed update for each day at Canada Fan Expo 2017 posted with juicy details of all the news and the epic cosplay that follows. The hype is real and it has only been day one. Keep it locked to for more and stay frosty!


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