Boruto Episode 13-14 Review

  • Finally Great Episodes


These were the episodes that we have been waiting for. A great balance of story and action!

Finally Boruto is picking up. After 12 episodes I can finally say these two episodes are the ones to watch. Was really getting tired of Boruto and his temper tantrums. Mitsuki is ready to expose to Naruto who is responsible for all these cases. We also see that Sai has come to the same conclusion, and informs Naruto of the connection between Sumire and The Foundation. Then like when the Nine Tails was released Nue the demon beast appears.

This when we get all the important players into the battle! We have Naruto, Sai, Shikimaru and Kakashi! That’s right! Kakashi is back with purple lightening!

Not to sound like a guy who reads the manga but Mitsuki is the kid to watch. He is only motivated not by emotions and whats not. Cold and calculated. Like Sasuke. Yet his allegiance is bound by someone we don’t know. My first guess would be Orochimaru….but anything is possible in this anime. Coming to the end of episode 13 we got a cliff hanger. Just when things bout to get real this happened.


Confused the hell out of me. Out of no where they got sucked up. I mean Boruto jumping in the middle between Sumire and Mitsuki had me like DUDE. Then through all of that Boruto still have faith in his “class rep”. That boy is just like his daddy. Corny to the bone.

So episode 14 we learned that a summoning jutsu is a blood contract with a beast and that they are of the same world. Yet Nue isn’t of the same world. Which made it hard for Naruto to track them. Boruto is now in the same place where Sumire is. Boruto got some skills. His eye not only show him the evil chakra but also weak points. That can be helpful.

Then like an itch you can’t scratch Mitsuki was right in there with him. Honestly this dude is smart and sneaky. I don’t trust him but I guess he is just the guy to keep an eye on. So knowing the weak point Boruto and Mitsuki plan their attack and it was amazing seeing those two work together. Then the moment Mitsuki was about to drop the killing blow Sumire joint the match like Street Fighter 2.

She ain’t no toy to play with. She used that water gun jutsu like bullets. The fight between her and Mitsuki was just on par with any top ninja. I thought they would fight to the death but Boruto as usual ain’t about that “seeing friends fight to the death” vibe. He got in the middle and delivered the speech of his life. Winning back the respect of both his friends. A touching moment interrupted with the revelation that Nue only did what Sumire said because he saw her as his parent. She soon lost the seal on her back and caused the world to break apart. The mad dash to get out of the other dimension was on. hearing their friends screaming was like a homing beacon. So just like that no one died. Enemies are now friends once again. Even Nue lived. Don’t ask me how but Naruto saw a faint signal with his utility eye. Yes I am gonna call it that. Thing is like the Swiss army knife of eyes.

This arc showed us that Boruto has potential once the train start moving. I was actually interested in these two episodes to see what would be the outcome and I am glad to see that Boruto may actually be something to keep an eye on.


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