Boondocks Season 4!

boondocls 4

To all my fellow Boondocks fans the time has come. For us to be graced with the ever so controversial Riley, Huey and Robert Freeman. My favorite episode was Season 3 Episode 8 “Pause”. That episode had me rolling! Then the next episode 9 “Date with a Booty Warrior” DEAD!! I knew season 4 couldn’t come any time sooner. But a year past and I was wondering if I would never see the Boondocks again. Then Cartoon Network gave me the news I been waiting for. The Boondocks Season 4 will air April 21st 2014 at 10:30pm. Just for you guys I posted two of the episodes down below for you to check out for yourself. If you haven’t caught up with the series now is a good time to check it out and laugh your head off.


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