Boku no Hero Academia #23 Review

  • Epic Match Up!


With everything on the line here! This is the episode to watch!

This is the match we all have been waiting for. This is like the main event of this season’s arc. We all know that the fight coming up will be epic!

Midoriya vs Todoroki

What is so important about this fight isn’t one that is hinged on good vs evil. This is about honor. This is about proving that you are the best student. Although we got flash backs of Todoroki remembering his mother detesting him. He made it clear that he will only fight using the ice side of his quirk set. Which you can feel the struggle within himself to be the best without using the side his father demand he embrace. Not only that Endeavor want Todoroki to surpass All Might. So you know what that means for Midoriya. That makes him public enemy no.1.

We quickly see that Midoriya still don’t have “One for All” under control. Going beyond his limit he already damaged his fingers and hand. The fight is filled with emotions that can only be explained through flashbacks and tears. Midoriya quickly realized that Todoroki wasn’t fighting at his full potential and dragged it out of him.

That boy know how to bring the best out of you through sheer determination. Which caused Todoroki to unlock a memory of his mother embracing him for who he is and not detesting him as he once thought. The memory of domestic violence at the home is something that you can feel why Todoroki would bury the good memories. Yet at that moment he remembered something pure. Something honest.

This episode was an emotional roller coaster and gave us the resolve we wanted to see from both Midoriya and Todoroki. Who were you rooting for? To be honest I was rooting for Midoriya. He being the underdog and not having a quirk of his own and standing toe to toe with the best of them. This is an episode you have to see first hand.




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