BBM coming to Android and iOS summer


Talk about late to the party. I really did not like Blackberry phones much less the OS. So when they announced today that they would be bring their messenger platform to the two dominating mobile markets I barely raised an eye brow.
Why you ask. That is easy. Whatsapp already got my vote. They are already established and personally I find it much better than BBM. If they had given this service to us two years ago maybe I would of been happy. Sadly that ship already sailed a long time ago. Thankfully this service is free. So giving this service a try is not bad idea.
What will be interesting to see is the response from the masses. Will they switch over to BBM or stick with Whatsapp. My Tech buddy Amin already started the interesting conversation at the BVI National Forum on Facebook. I think I will stick with Whatsapp. Already hate Blackberry.

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