Batman: The Killing Joke Trailer

Here is the brand new trailer for the most acclaimed novel of Batman: The Killing Joke

This animated adaption is from one of my most favorite comic novels. The fact that it is Rated R let you know how dark this movie will be. This is Joker at his best. This is the only adaption where you see how twisted the Joker can be. We got all the right voice actors on board!

We have Kevin Conroy the official voice for Batman.


Mark Hamill for the voice of Joker

Mark Hamill Joker

DC universe does a very great job in their animation department and I have no worries for this comic book to screen translation. The geek in me is acting like a little school girl right now. I must of read that novel about 18 times and it never gets old. I know the art direction they took may turn some of the purist who loved the novel away but I understand to duplicate the awesome work of Alan Moore takes real technique. Alan Moore gave us Watchmen and V for Vendetta. Both instant classics. So The Killing Joke will be another animation film that all Batman fans will enjoy over and over again.


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