Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 33 & 34 Review

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No action here but tons of information! Also Titans are pervy!

After the wild ride we been having with this series we finally come to a slow crawl. Time to let all what happened to sink in. Like on any roller coaster ride these two episodes are the climb up until Episode #35.

Episode #33

Eren and Ymir have been taken by Reinhart and Bertholdt. These guys betrayal runs deep. Returning to the wall, we can see most everyone has been injured by the blast with Mikasa unconscious as Armin and all others not injured try to give them aide. The group’s morale has dropped significantly with the possibility of Eren being lost forever becoming more and more likely. Eventually Mikasa wakes up to the sad news that Eren has been captured with no way of retrieving him. We are then taken to a flash back that shows Mikasa, Armin and Eren getting into trouble when they were younger. It shows Hannes is more than just a drunk. After a good pep talk and some crackers they were good to go and ready to go get Eren back. Which brings us to the situation at hand with Eren and Ymir.

Episode #34

A few interesting things happened: we get more tantalizing hints that there is a much deeper mystery at the root of things (this world has a secret, held in front of us tantalizingly like the Jaeger family basement key that Eren’s father held in front of him way back near the beginning) and that Reiner, Bertholdt, and Ymir all know what it is. Eren, on the other hand, is clueless, but not in the same way as he once was. For another one of the interesting things is that we see Eren having learned a bit and showing a certain amount of maturity and growth. It was already there in his battle against Reiner in Titan form, where he stopped charging blindly ahead and realized that he would instead need to use skills to win (even if he ultimately lost). And here, he realizes that just trying to attack recklessly and then try to escape would be futile as he is badly wounded and might not even be able to transform into a Titan at the moment. Instead, he must bid his time and try to learn what he can from Reiner and Berthold. We also learned that Reiner isn’t stable.

Don’t Mind me…

Also the titans are mega pervy. One was on the ground just chilling just watching them. One is behind a tree. I think titans are mad they have no genitals.. Another gem of information was that Hange got a hunch about the village with the titan that spoke. I have an idea that the village became titans and that the “monkey” titan had something to do with it. That is my theory and I am sticking to it.


We got alot of talking in these two episodes. Information that is good to know and also helps build great character development. Eren starting to show maturity while we have Ymir still not sure what side she is on. I think she is all about team Historia.


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