Welcome The New Member Jehuty

The thing about Carib Gamer is that we are a group of individuals that enjoy everything that relates to geeks, gaming, anime and manga culture. Along the way, we sometimes run into like minded people which tends to gravitate towards us and we share common ideas. Leinelle “Jehuty” Frederick reached out to me, “Caribnerd” with some blogs which peaked my interest. After introducing her to the team and Lunchbox stamped his seal of approval: a new member was added.

So I asked her, what are your likes and interests?

In terms of anime, I like action, adventure and mysteries mainly.  I grew up on classic shounen like Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam, Dragon Ball and Ruroni Kenshin.  My favorite anime as a child was Sailor Moon.  I also used to collect Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards. Nowadays, I have too many favorites to mention.  I love video games with memorable characters and engaging stories.  My first console was the N64 and my first game was Zelda; a franchise I still love to this day.

So expect many interesting blogs from “Jehuty” and maybe couple live streams!


CEO of Carib Gamer. Avid Gamer and Journalist. Father and Husband. Strong family ties and loves FPS and RPG games. Proud member of the HTKU clan.

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