Weekly Webtoons: Episode 1

Hi world

Joye and I would like to share a little bit of our world in this new concept called Weekly Webtoons. For those of you who are “geeks” at heart and would like to venture into other comics besides what’s out there (DC, Marvel, Archie etc) this might be something of an interest to you.

The website where you can find all comics mentioned in this series  can be found at www. Webtoons.com. This is a place where various artists draw and submit their creativity in the hopes of being discovered. Yes there is a discover section on the site for new concepts but one you find a comic you like under the discovered section, that comic might not be updated regularly. It depends on the time and flexibility of each author that upload their work. Wonder how they are featured weekly? Well, it all depends on YOU…the fans on whether they like the concept or not. The comics fall into different genres; romance, horror, drama, fantasy, a slice of life etc. Once you do find a comic that you like I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to get enough!  For me, I’m eagerly waiting for next week episodes of my favorite weekly comics. I will share them with you sometime throughout this series. Can you guess my top genre?

Please note this is NOT a paid Ad but we appreciate the art and talent each author puts into the story line and the comic.

If your interested in something different we highly recommend that you check this out.

Let us know if you tried out the site, found a comic that interest you and let us know your thoughts! Maybe your pick is one of ours as well.

Until next time

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