Transformers: The Last Knight Review

  • Low Expectations


Transformers: The Last Knight is an exhausting marathon of complete nonsense. Even if you love alien robots punching each other while tossing out insipid one-liners, it’s a painfully long two and a half hours where the biggest problem isn’t a lack of plot but way too many of them.

Director Michael Bay’s latest robot flick disappoints, but then again, expectations weren’t high. Here’s our spoiler-free review.

Despite the poor reviews from previous Transformers movies the “Bay machine” kept pumping out more of his signature explosions popcorn flicks. The best way to appreciate the movie is to put aside all logic and understanding, and just try to enjoy the flick for what it is.

Transformers The Last Knight did one thing well. It gave us a foundation to work with. Despite previous films killing off key Autobots we are stuck with “B” list characters that gave us one liners from time to time. Then when there isn’t any action which is rare and in between we have some character development. Anthony Hopkins performance was spot on.

Anthony Hopkins plays Sir Edmund Burton, alongside Hot Rod

The Decepticons was a running joke in my opinion. They held no true villain weight. I won’t even talk about the plot holes throughout the movie that defied every law of physics. There are points in the movie where we had to ask “How did they escape?” to “How did he do that?”

Everything takes a nose dive towards the end of the movie. This is one movie that needs to be put out in the pasture. As the name puts it The Last Knight should be renamed as the Last Movie. While it’s an entertaining spectacle, “Transformers: The Last Knight” drags on far too long. At least you get your money’s worth at the cinema for its incredibly long run time and 3D effects.


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