Toy Story 4 Review (Spoiler Free)

Must See


Go see the movie. Now.  By yourself or with your kids.  Just try not to start bawling in front of the babies.

I wasn’t expecting anything good from this movie. I thought it would be a shameless cash grab.  I was thrilled to be proven wrong.  It was also good to see I wasn’t the only adult there without kids.  Would’ve been awkward to be laughing next to a bunch of jumping toddlers and creeped out adults.

Acting is great as usual and the visuals were outstanding. It’s been fascinating watching them improve over the last 20 years.  There’s a cat in one scene that I almost thought was real. There’s a difference in appearance, movement and sound between characters.  A plastic doll looks and sounds different from a human, a porcelain doll or a plush toy. And older toy looks and moves differently compared to a new one. 

Key and Peele’s borderline stereotype stuffed animals were surprisingly funny and inoffensive.  Bo Peep’s new feminist touch is obvious but not too much.  And the villain is the best in the series.  She has a motivation everyone can understand and the resolution is heartwarming.  It’s been a while since Disney had a good villain.

The endings for all the characters (even those moved to the background) were touching and well deserved.  Disney and Pixar are playing tug of war with your heartstrings. 

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