Top Comics to Read – Episode #22

This is a special episode! With the release of the Avengers Infinity War, we got some hot comics to check out in this episode! Also with the premiere of the movie showing at UP’s movie cineplex brought to you by Flow it can’t get any better than that! Cause we all had a blast when the Black Panther movie was shown. Here is the list:

  1. Incredible Hulk #715
  2. Avengers #689
  3. Doctor Strange #388
  4. Black Panther #172
  5. Infinity Countdown #2

There will be prizes given to those who come to the premiere dressed as their favorite character from the Avengers! VIP seats, Smartphones and much more all from Flow! So come Thursday @ 6 PM at UP’s for the grand Avengers Infinity War Premiere!


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