Top 4 Switch Games in 2018

Whether you are searching through Hyrule to release the darkness within the scared beasts, powering up the Odyssey with moon shards or the future of Skyrim rests in your hands, the Nintendo Switch has been a big hit since its debut in March 2017. With its year anniversary quickly approaching I took the liberty and search for games I anticipate and cant wait to play in 2018.  The switch at the time of purchase cost a pretty penny and having three games wouldn’t be enough to quench my switch appetite. Therefore, here’s my top 4 games that I’m eager to get my hands on.

1. Dragonquest Builders– February 9th 2018

This games has a concept of Minecraft meets Zelda. Just like Zelda, you are a legendary builder and you’re the only one who can rebuild the town. As the builder, you’ll be able to construct rooms, towns and create defenses for the city while fighting monsters in the progress. The stronger your town’s level will also attract stronger monsters. Players can also share their creations online, battle in an arena and have access to exclusive content to the Nintendo Switch™ version of the game!

2. Bayonetta 2– February 16th 2018

After being asleep at the bottom of the lake for 500 years, Bayonetta has no memory of her past. She then seeks to uncover the truth by dodging attacks to slow down time, inflict Torture Attacks and burning her on her enemies (angels) along the way.

3. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection– May 2018

This game is self-explanatory, besides who doesn’t like Street Fighters?  It’s a game celebrating the 30th anniversary of the franchise. This content-rich all-in-one package highlights the series’ past in an anthology of 12 classic titles with arcade-perfect balancing including the original games.

4. Metroid Prime 4– December 29th 2018

Not only is Samus getting a remake of Metroid 2  for the 3DS this year but there is confirmation that there Metroid Prime will be available for the Nintendo Switch! Metroid’s fans rejoice! The game returns to the original first person adventure roots and introduces a new storyline that informs us about the events that ties together the events of the Metroid Prime Universe.

I don’t know about you guys and gals but I am super excited for these games. If you are a developer at Nintendo and reading this, if you would like me to take a swing at these games and any other games I will be happy to take a crack at them.(Save me a few $$$). Anyways, happy anniversary to Nintendo (in advance). Let me know what do you think of the games I’ve listed above and what games you’re excited to play.  Let me know in the comments below. Happy gaming xoxo


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