Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 1 Review

AWW YEAH! Toyko Ghoul is back! After Dragon Ball Super ended I felt that the hole it left needed to be filled. So like a good neighbor, Kaneki is there lol! So yeah let’s dig in this episode.

Now I was tempted to read the manga but decided to wait for the anime and then read up on the manga. Toyko Ghoul re picks up two years after the events of Tokyo Ghoul season 2.

Which ended with Kaneki Ken laying down Hideyoshi Nagachika’s body in front of Kishou Arima.

Fast forward now Kaneki is just a shadow of what he was, and he goes by the name of Haise Sasaki. I find him to be a bit more comical than his former self. Being the leader of his Quinx Squad we immediately see that he isn’t respected or feared. Only one of his subordinates is on his side. His name is Mutsuki and he seems to be the weakest on the team.

Seeing how this is the first episode they introduced a bunch of new characters that I know in time I will grow to know them. For right now there is a masked S class ghoul with the name of Orochi that is mopping the floor with Qiunx Squad.

Sasaki realizes that he cannot defeat the Ghoul with his normal weapon, and that’s when we receive the most hype moment of this episode. Kaneki Ken talks to Sasaki from within his subconscious. Kaneki begs Sasaki to give him control in order to defeat Orochi.

Then once that conversation was over we see the episode ending as brilliantly as ever, we see Sasaki do the infamous Kaneki finger crack.

I can’t wait to see what Tokyo Ghoul re has in store for us. So keep it locked to Carib Gamer where I will be following each episode religiously!


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