The Fast and Furious 8 *SPOILER FREE* Review

  • Fantastic Ride


The Fast and Furious 8 made no pit stops. Pure adrenaline action that won’t apologize for its over the top gravity defying antics. A bit predictable at a few points but still an amazing ride!

This series is an interesting beast. You would of thought fast cars and high octane action would run out of gas by now. We are now at the 8th installment. But how can they follow up Furious 7, a film that was as close to pure popcorn pleasure as you can get, coupled with the heartbreaking pathos following Paul Walker’s untimely death? Some fans may argue that the film series should have ended with Brian’s car driving off into the sunset. But with a cash cow as big as this, there’s no way they were going to call it quits.

Don’t worry this is a spoiler free review. As you know Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto has gone rogue. Also it seem the new villain is Cipher played by Charlize Theron. She played her part marvelously. Pushing Dom to betray his “family”. What would make Dom to betray his family is something you have to find out. Trust me it is so left field even I didn’t see it coming.

With Cipher wanting to steal world-ending devices, it’s up to Dom’s old team to stop them. Yes, the guys who once drove fast cars in order to steal knock-off DVD players, are now literally saving the world from destruction. Saying that, they do a pretty good job of wrecking New York. Don’t worry Cipher added to the chaos.

And that’s basically the plot. Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs is briefly jailed after Dom betrays him. Kurt Russell’s slick government operative forces him to work with former foe Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham). Then the team track Dom down using a load of CSI-style nonsense devices, and that’s your lot. If you’re looking for a rich plot in a Fast & Furious film, you’re in the wrong place.

The whole gang is here. Lots of moments that will have you saying wow. Many moments that will make you laugh. Even moments that will make think about Paul Walkers character Brian. How they were able to rise above his tragic death and continue without him while keeping his memory alive was just beautiful. I highly recommend giving this a watch. I am sure this is just eating up in the Box Office right now.


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