The Dummy’s Dummy and Age Matters- Webtoons Episode 11

Hey world, 

The girls are back with two new webtoon recommendations that you’re sure to love.

Joye recommends you to check out  “AGE MATTERS”. This webtoon follows a story of a young woman who turns 30 but still hasn’t figured out what she wants in life. Surrounded by misfortune and hurting by a recent breakup she landed a job as a secretary of a young handsome billionaire in which she is unqualified for. Would she able to get over her misfortune and finally find happiness? Only one way in finding out but to check out Joyce’s recommendation.

BVI Mermaid recommendation this week is “The Dummy’s Dummy”, a horror webtoon where everyday human toys which appears to be sweet and innocent are actually creatures of darkness which promotes pain and suffering. After realizing his creations are evil, a toy master creates the ultimate monster that would assist is getting rid of his evil creations. Years after the toy maker’s death, his original toy creations still prove to be troublesome. 

Hope you guys will check out these two great picks. Let us know what you think about this week’s recommendation in the comments below and as always like and subscribe to our social media outlets and who knows maybe your recommendation might be featured in the next episode

Until next time!

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