Terminator 6 Trailer Review

It is here. We finally got a look at the new Terminator movie. Let me be clear. I did not like any other Terminator after the second iteration. I felt things went downhill from there. Will this redeem my faith? Will this undo the pain of the crap fest they called time travel? Let’s find out!

From the jump we see that James Cameron is back at the helm of the movie. THANK GOD!

Just one observation I want to make about the trailer is that we have a new black metal terminator that is quite the upgrade. He looks solid but turns like liquid metal. Then he can split into a second version of himself. Totally epic. He seems like a formidable foe!

We can see the original cast from the original coming back. Old Arnold and Linda are back reprising their roles. The new “good” human terminator seem to be a non specific gender. Don’t quote me on that but I want to watch it. I have faith in James Cameron. The action seem intense and the same idea of keeping key people alive seem to still play a role in the series. Let me get my Hype Train tickets ready…


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