Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Review



Not the best Teen Titan film. It is an “OK” adaptation of the novel Judas Contract. Not as in depth but an “OK popcorn flick.

DC animations been hitting a slump as of lately. Their last Teen Titans animated movie didn’t do to well. Compared to their earlier work this could of been better. None the less we have a solid film with much more to be desired.

This feels like an episode from the earlier series Teen Titans. Make no mistake this isn’t anything like “The Judas Contract” novel written by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. That story arc was a bit more detailed than this animated film. Of course it would be a bit different seeing how this is a different Teen Titans. Also they couldn’t cram all of that in just 85 minutes.

The relationship between Robin and Starfire seem a bit off in my opinion. Her character never struck me as the motherly type. Nor the stay at home wife she was portrayed as. What was also creepy seeing Terra and Slade aka Deathstroke relationship.

The Killing Joke animated film scene with Batman and Batgirl getting busy wasn’t bad enough…they had to up the ante with borderline child pornography. Yes I was cringing just watching it. Brother Blood is the token bad guy. Wants to take over the world and use the powers of others to achieve it. You know your typical Saturday morning cartoon variety.

One thing that was done well is the character development of Terra. Her back story pulls on emotions that explains why she is so broken. On the side we have Jaime doing his best to control the Blue Beetle Scarab. At one point it attacked Terra and he shouted “She is on our side!” …little did he know..

Don’t worry the film isn’t an epic fail. The action and content here is another reason why I love DC Animated Films. If you love the Teen Titans and want to see a nice film this is a good watch. If you are looking for something deep with a storyline that tingles the mind this isn’t it.


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