Sword Art Online Continues!

At the end of the Sword Art Online movie Ordinal Scale we saw that they will be returning. It has now been confirmed that the return will be an anime series. WOOT!!! I really did enjoy the movie and the thought of having an anime series to follow it up was perfect timing.

The announcement came during the anime’s stage panel at the Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival 2017. The upcoming season will focus on the Alicization arc, hence its title, Sword Art Online: Alicization. Here is the trailer:

It’s worth pointing out that the Alicization arc takes up nine of the 18 volumes in the original novel series. So we can expect at least a 25 episode arc. Fingers crossed! Anyone who is a huge fan like me should be excited to see this. Expect Carib Gamer to have reviews of every episode as it is released.


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