Sweet Home and Siren’s Lament- Weekly Webtoon Episode 9

Hey world, BVI Mermaid here. 

I’m back again with two great webtoon recommendations for this week.

The first is “Sweet Home”, a thriller comic where a reclusive high school student is forced to leave his home after an unfortunate accident occurred resulting in the death of his family. After moving into an old apartment complex, Hyun is faced with danger when a monster epidemic occurred and is trying to wipe out the human race. However, the few humans that remain are not planning to go down so easily without a fight but soon, they too are starting to show monster symptoms.

My second recommendation this week is called “Siren’s Lament“. This comic is about Sirens who lure humans into the ocean for a second chance at human’s life. The twist to achieving this goal is that the human must be experiencing a broken heart and is willing to forget their current life and wants to restart their life. However, when Poseidon’s curse doesn’t work as planned, the protagonist of this comic, Lyra goes on a journey to find the Poseidon and reverse the curse before she turns into a full-fledged siren.

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Until next time guys..


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