Surgical Goblin is the ESWC 2017 Clash Royal Champion

The ESWC Winter Final of Clash Royale gathered 32 finalists coming from online and offline qualifiers, and a selection of players. The 32 players played from Saturday, 18th to theĀ 19th of February. A total of $5,000 was rewarded to the top four players in the tournament. For those who are not aware but Clash Royal is an esport. Yes. There are pro gamers who play this professionally.

A total of 32 players came to be the champion. But just like Highlander…. there can only be one. Which brings us to the winner Surgical Goblin

It was a tight victory for Surgical Goblin. Beating Nemsensei. Just below you will see the video of him explaining in detail what he was up against and get a insight into how a pro plays the game.


We at Carib Gamer have a group on Clash Royale and as of now the top player in the group is Blake. I wonder if we can take this thing serious and win an easy $2500. Congrats to Surgical Goblin and if there is anyone in the Caribbean who wants to link up with us just do a search for “Caribgamers

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