Super Mario Odyssey Review

Hey world, Mermaid here and I’m giving you my first video game review. I’m sure you’re all aware of what happened in the Virgin Islands. Two category 5 hurricanes passed the Virgin Islands and for those who are more inclined to technology… we were pretty bored as we tried to pick up the pieces that were remaining. During my time at FanExpo (pre-Irma) I’ve purchased a Nintendo Switch and thanks to that, it has kept me sane.  I can literally take it anywhere and play on it for hours until the battery dies. Currently, I’ve been playing Super Mario Odyssey for the past week and so far I love the game, despite it’s challenges. Curious about what I’m talking about then you have to keep on reading to find out.

The Plot

For those of you who are die-hard Nintendo fans like me, Super Mario Odyssey follows the same role play as the original Mario series (sorry for those who were expecting a different plot twist). Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach and Tiara (a headdress worn by the Princess during the game) once again in an attempt to marry her. While travelling throughout the various worlds, Bowser and his goons steal various wedding items (dress, cake, stew) for his special day. Our hero Mario explores a series of worlds filled with challenges, solving puzzles and collecting “Power Moons” as rewards in order to charge up a ship, the Odyssey while defeating bosses along the way.  There’s even a dragon that releases lightening! Don’t worry, the boss battles are pretty easy and repetitive once you figure out what to do. Taking down those baddies would become a piece of cake.


Something Old Something New and Some things are just complicated

Worlds- Something Old

As I’ve mentioned before, Mario has to travel through various worlds in order to get the required power moon, to restore the Odyssey and save Peach. The worlds are vast. It promotes exploration like Super Mario 64.  When you think that you’re done with the world, you’re wrong, as there are always things to discover. You just have to be curious in order to unlock its secrets.  The sheer number of moons to be collected is over 1000. If you enjoy adventure games, you’ll be memorized as you search every nook and cranky exploring…so happy hunting.

Modern City Level


Beach Level

There’s a forest world, ice world, desert world, luncheon world, fire, cloud and even a modern day city world where you can find rewards. Rewards can be both simple to complicated at the same time. For example, you can collect moon shards and once you collect all the required pieces, you will automatically get a power moon, you can also fulfill a request of a character and you can get a power moon. There’s even a Captain Toad, if you find him, he will automatically give you a moon just for finding him. Complicated rewards, I’ve experienced so far were moons that were within animals and you have to catch them in order to retrieve them (they are in rabbits, and birds) and also time limited challenges. These are shown as a treble clef symbols and once you’ve touched it, musical notes appear. You’ll have to collect all the notes within the required time frame to collect the reward. The game itself is 3D, the graphics are great and the world that has the more somewhat realistic feel to it is the modern day City called New Donk City. I can’t compare the realness to Zelda: Breath of the Wild but it is realistic as it can get in terms of Mario. You can also play in 2D like the original Super Mario Bothers game.

Cappy- Something New

What’s new about Mario is his signature hat. Cappy is a bonneter that encounters Mario in the Cap Kingdom. During Mario’s encounter with Bowser, he blasted Mario out of the sky. When he awakes he’s in the Cap Kingdom where he meets Cappy. Cappy was afraid of Mario at first but assisted him in his rescue mission as he also have someone who he wanted to save, his sister Tiara who has been worn by Peach throughout the game. Cappy transforms himself into Mario’s signature hat. When he transforms into different hats, Cappy’s eyes appears on top of the hat. Throughout the game, Mario can throw Cappy in various directions and use the hat to extend his reach for various items such as coins or defeating enemies for Mario. One of Cappy’s specialties is “capture”. It is possessing enemies and objects which allows Mario to control them. There’s even a TRex that you can control with this method, smashing through boulders and squashing your enemies. However, capturing a large creature like the TRex is time limited. Cappy even allows Mario to transform into a ball of electricity to ride along pole lines as a mode of transportation.

Move play- complicated

I must say that Mario’s jumping and running motion feels natural as you hold the controls and roam from world to world. There are even various rocket flowers that can assist you in reaching your destination faster. The downside to the game is the motion controls you need to do in order to perform certain move sets with Cappy.  These include the Orbit throw, which is helping in facing numerous enemies that surrounds you. All you need to do is shake the controls to do the throw, sounds easy right but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes it throws the hat up in the air first before preforming the spin or maybe I’m doing it to harshly. Let me know if anyone else has this problem in the comments below. You can also detach the joysticks to perform these various moves. It’s your choice and you can play it however you want as long as you’re confortable pulling it off.

Plot continues

When Mario and Cappy finally reaches Bowser they are on the moon. A wedding… on the moon… how romantic! Mario barges in and they have their typical show down. Bowser throws his hat with attachable boxing gloves to knock down Mario and the fight begins. Mario will have to use Cappy to capture the hat and use it against him by throwing some punches back at him. When you finally defeat Bowser, part of the cavern begins to collapse and your task is to find an escape route. Debris and boulders are scattered everywhere and the floor can be your downfall if your not careful. Standing on a section of the ground that will collapse will light up and fall into an abyss. This stage is time limit to be on guard.  Mario captures Bowser’s body in order to escape. It was so cool being Bowser and smashing through moon rocks. Upon reaching to the surface of the moon, Bowser regains his conscious and both Mario and Bowser tries to convince Peach to choose one of them. In the end, Peach boards the Odyssey and return to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Here enters the end credits…. Think the game is over? Not at all! A new world appears and it’s the Mushroom Kingdom. In this world, we are introduced to a familiar character…Yoshi. You can use/ capture Yoshi to help retrieve additional Power Moons that are scattered throughout this world. Sad part, Yoshi can’t take Yoshi with you to the other worlds BUMMER!! Once at the Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll be asked to go the castle and upon arriving you’ll learn that the princess is MISSING AGAIN!! Sigh! Where is she? It is stated that she packed a suitcase and left! At least she wasn’t kidnapped again. You’ll eventually find Peach as you revisit the various worlds as she says that she ‘s in need of a vacation and who can blame the girl. In every world you revisit, she gives you a Power Moon but it’s still your task to find more.

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s over 1000 moons to collect. You an also have rematches with various world bosses to assist with your moon collection. Once you’ve collected over 300 Power Moons, a new world will be opened… the Dark Moon. Collect 500 and you have access to the darker side of the moon. It’s a fun game and I highly recommend. I give this game a 9.5/10. What do you think of Super Mario Odyssey? Did I rate it fairly? What do you like/dislike  the game? Let me know in the comments below. Happy gaming.


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