Super Bowl Movie Trailers

Every Super Bowl I usually wait to see the commercials or movie trailers. Why? Because my team haven’t made it close to the super bowl in years. Don’t worry I am a die hard Cowboys fan. Congrats to the Eagles…but I am not here to talk about that. I want to glaze over some of the trailers that totally had me freaking out. Let’s start with the big dog. The mother of all movies to come. Avengers Infinity War Trailer. OMG! We have the whole Marvel cast to finally duke it out with the Mad Titan himself! Thanos.

Marvel have been on a winning streak if you ask me. Hit after hit they got this movie thing on lock. Sorry DC stick to your animations. The next trailer that got me a little depressed was the Star Wars Story of Han Solo. Don’t get me wrong I am excited for anything Star Wars but as of recent they have been a bit fragmented with their stories. I guess when you spent most of your life digging deep into the lure the mystery behind a character is much more appealing than having the rug pulled right from under you. Do I want to know about Han Solo? Not really. Will I watch it? Hell Yeah. I know conflicting thoughts.

Mission Impossible. That series just need to stop. How much more of Ethan can we take. This look like another B list movie with action sequences and maybe we get the plot twist at the end? Definite bootleg watch. Then we have the one legged “Rock” movie. Nope. Just to honor this movie gonna watch it on bootleg lol.

Call me a sucker for Jurassic Park but I want to see how they gonna ride this ancient movie. The reboot was pretty cool so maybe there may be hope for this one. The movie A quiet place looked intense. I like the idea. Then we have Red Sparrow. I honestly thought it was a Black Widow origin story. Would of been awesome if it was. Will check that on bootleg.

Then we have Westworld. The sex bots are revolting. I mean the robots are revolting! The series is coming back and from the looks of it there will be blood. All in all these trailers were good. Some were not expected but still good to know we have some good movies and tv series to look forward to.



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