Suicide Squad Hell To Pay Review

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is part of the DC animated movie universe. Both fans and new to the series will be thrown into a grindhouse Quintin Tarintino killfest type of movie. This ain’t your Saturday morning cartoon.  The live action movie Suicide Squad had a huge impact on how this animated film will be received.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay deals with Amanda Waller forming a Suicide Squad with Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, Killer Frost, and Copperhead. Waller’s reason for assembling the team is to retrieve a powerful item that puts the Suicide Squad in conflict with several well known DC Comics villains that include Vandal Savage and Zoom. Now, how Vandal Savage came into the whole scheme of things was not well put together. They could have used any other low-level thug to satisfy the movie’s plot.

From jump street, it is established that Deadshot is the main character. Many can sympathize with given his separation from his daughter being a main driving force for his actions. The main antagonist Zoom was pure fan service. Seeing how he ties into the story continuity was pure genius.



All in all, this is a great animated movie for both fans and newcomers. It also does a good job at using past DC animated movies to enhance the Suicide Squad’s battle with Zoom. I am telling you it is worth the watch. Just a heads up the comic Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay picks right up where the animated movie ended. This is a must watch!




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