Spiderman: Far From Home Review



Far From Home is better than Homecoming. Go see it in 3D if you can and STAY FOR THE END CREDITS.  Long term spider man fans will be glad they did.

Mild Spoilers!! (Watch Avengers End Game before this!!!

This movie is coming hot off the heels of Avengers Endgame and serves as the opening of Marvel’s phase 4 of films.  The problem with this is that Far From Home comes with a lot of baggage. It must explain the consequences of half the population vanishing because of Thanos.  It tries its best.  Many people ended up homeless because others took their places while they were gone for 5 years; including Aunt May (who now knows about her nephew being Spiderman).  Someone’s wife faked disappearing just to get out of a marriage.  Peter comes back only to find some of his classmates 5 years older, hotter and now competition for MJ, his love interest from the end of the previous movie.

  Although I find it outrageously convenient that all of Peter’s important classmates disappeared along with him so he has the luxury of picking up where he left off.  I thought they missed out on an interesting opportunity to have his best friend Ned age out of high school and interact with him as an adult, although he does get in a few good jokes. 

As you’ve probably seen from the trailers, this film follows Peter as he travels around Europe with his classmates while being dragged into a fight with some elemental monsters.  He finds a new ally in Mysterio who I guess is a pseudo father figure/Tony Stark replacement.  If you’re like me you’ve watched the old Spiderman cartoon and you’re familiar with Mysterio’s story.  But you’ll be pleased with the changes they make tying him up with the MCU history.  Every scene he’s in is visually stunning.

Tom Holland is probably the best Spiderman since Toby Maguire or even better if you ask me.  He brings a fresh take on the character with a combo of wit and nerdiness and great chemistry with the rest of the cast.  The story shows that Peter’s bad judgment and stupid choices have MAJOR consequences.  But most of these choices are made due to his connections to Tony Stark.  His desire and fear regarding following in Iron Man’s footsteps is a part of the movie I’m not fond of.

Peters not trying to be himself, he’s trying to be a copy of Tony.  I just think it’s better to express your individuality.

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