Soul Calibur VI Review



Soul Calibur VI is just flat out FUN TO PLAY!

Soul Calibur VI is another hit from Bandai Namco. Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball Fighter Z are both my favorites and the release of my beloved favorite series returned with a fresh coat of paint and solid controls.

Series veterans will recognize Libra of Souls as inspired by SoulCalibur 2’s excellent Weapon Master Mode, which at the time was a full-on masterclass in fighting game single-player content. It’s part RPG, part fighter, with the player tasked with creating their own new fighter before exploring the world to level up your character and upgrade your weapons. The negative in this mode is that it is all text based. Lots of reading and scrolling through a well put together mode.

For the noobs who can only button mash rejoice! This game is noob friendly. For the pros there is enough depth to keep you coming back for more. This time around there is only 21 characters for the base game with DLC sure to follow. This time around the focus of the game is more about the mechanics of the moves vs the quantity of characters. Something that leads to very close matches with friends.

Soul Calibur VI brings back the flair I once had playing Soul Calibur 2. Played a few rounds with my friends and we had a blast. SoulCalibur VI comes out swinging with the same sort of tightly-constructed, satisfying action. This is a must have for any fan of the fighting series.


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