Skull Girls Mobile Carib Gamer Update

Skull Girls is back and better than ever. This time on the mobile platform. There have been a shift in fighting games on the mobile device. Recently Injustice 2 for mobile was released. It wasn’t the best game in my opinion. It felt sluggish at times. So I was skeptical about how Skull girls would of felt playing.

All my worries was quickly cast aside. The animations and responsiveness of the touch controls felt natural. Not that I am ever gonna say touch controls are better than a physical controller but it is becoming more acceptable.
The game looks gorgeous and doesn’t feel overwhelming. Usually these free to play games shove down your throat to buy this and that. Even though this is a limited time type of game ( You have to buy energy ) you can still enjoy playing in bursts throughout the day.

It doesn’t hurt to see the game have an RPG element to it that gives you the ability to make your character unique. Another reason to keep coming back. For a free game it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. I was looking for another game worthy of my time. Seeing how Clash Royal been the #1 game on my mobile phone let’s see if this will be #2…


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