Shingeki no Kyojin S2 – #26 Review

The time has finally come. Attack on Titan Season 2 is here. Picking up from that epic cliff hanger in episode 25 where Eren found out that Annie Leonhart was a titan also. All I can say #demdoeshan

Talk about flipping the script. The first season had me from episode 1. I truly didn’t see that coming. I suggest catching up on Season 1 before digging into episode 26. Which brings us to some new revelations. Right out the gate we learn that the wall they are protected by have titans built right into it.

Just like any conspiracy within any government there are two kinds of people. The ones that know and the others who don’t know. We clearly see that the pastor knew something about the titan in the wall. He was ready to even die for it!

He is devoted to his faith. Which brings the question. Why must that specific titan not see sunlight? Why not just kill it? Is it a weapon against other titans? Dude was major spooked about it. Add that to the list of questions yet to be answered.

The bell is ringing which brings the news that more titans are coming. Instead of just showing the titans breaching the wall we saw 12 hours before the bell rang. Check out the Titans 2.0! They are more coordinated as we see them sprinting like Usain Bolt!

It is like they smelt the curry and came running! The leader of the 104th Wall Sina Commander Miche realized that Wall Rose has been breached. He sent three couriers to warn the other outposts and prepared to escape. But with those Usain Bolt Titans he had to pull back to attack them.

While fighting them he encountered an abnormal titan. Full of fur. Now when I saw this titan I said to myself.. He looks like Eren’s father. If he ever decide to take on any sport he should think about baseball.

He looks like a Sasquatch on steroids. Yet he is very intelligent. Once he saw the device and blades he already recognized they knew where they reside in the “nape”. Which tells me he got to be the father. Who else could he be. Well that is my speculations for now. Miche was struck with fear when he was being chewed up like bubblegum. The hairy Titan seem to be able to order the smaller titans around. He even told them when they could eat the dude. Which was painful to watch. So add another unanswered questions to the list. Who is the hairy titan? How can he control the other titans? All this and more should be answered in the up coming episodes! I am super excited and will be following each episode as it shows!

He got to be Erens dad….


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